Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Personal Learning Environments - what they are and why they might be useful

Nice SlideShare presentation by Graham Attwell:


  1. I'm still looking for some examples of how PLE will work.
    What tools are students using....?
    Maybe I should ask my students who are sitting in lectures with laptops!!
    But I'm scared... they may be watching the latest jokes on YouTube or MSNing their buddies.

  2. The whole point is that every PLE will be different because we cede control to the users rather than trying to force them into institutional patterns. We may want to suggest (no more than that) tools that they may want to consider, or competencies they need to demonstrate in some way. Mind-mapping the PLE is a useful way of demonstrating what has been covered and what has not.

  3. Oh yes, and they will be watching YT and IMing their buddies - as well as bookmarking, reading, sharing, etc. It's what they do. Being old, I don't know how they do it, but I've watched them, so I know that they do! :-)

  4. Well, it's probably more productive than doodling in the edge of a notebook.
    I've posted a question to my course wiki... we'll see if students respond.
    I'll invite you, Alan.
    Comments would be welcome.