Monday, February 25, 2008

Adobe Air - am I bovvered?

Adobe Air Not sure. Still looking for a Web 2.0 killer app (other than RSS) to blow me away (Geddit? Air? Blow me away? Oh please yourselves).

Someone tell me what I'm missing.

ShifD ?


  1. As I understand it, maybe think of it like this...

    Windows lets you run windows apps.

    java was supposed to offer platform independence, whilst still providing access to the actual o/s filesystem.

    Adobe Air is like java in that it offers an o/s independent virtual machine; but rather than having to learn java, you can use flash/actionscript/javascript etc.

    Microsoft are trying to do something similar with silverlight. Google's using Gears to provide you with the offline access, and Google desktop as a desktop runner for javascript google gadgets.

    Desktop and browser is blurring, and I'm not sure anyone has fully grokked the consequences yet?

  2. I think I'm having difficulty differentiating AIR and Flash (DRM or no DRM).
    So AIR is Flash + err, something else?