Monday, February 18, 2008

Current Projects 2: Personal Learning Environments and Personal Development Planning

This project is funded by the University of Leicester Teaching Enhancement Forum

The aim of this project is to develop an institutional exemplar of a personal and shared virtual space for students' learning, research and networking using Web 2.0 technologies independent of any institutional services. This will provide users with the skills to maintain such environments as the major component of their personal development planning (PDP) and as part of a lifelong learning agenda. The space will be built around a range of freely available Web 2.0 tools and services, complemented by the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and other student support information repositories. When both parts of this two-stage project have been completed, we will have put in place new channels of communication between students, staff and instigated new methods of flexible and timely feedback to students. Additional outcomes will include implementation of a framework and guidelines for integrating formal learning and Web 2.0 services, including institutional codes of practice in using such services, to be made available to the entire University, for both staff and students.

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