Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leicester 4th most popular university

University of Leicester The University of Leicester's success in attracting undergraduate students saw it emerge fourth strongest amongst traditional universities for the percentage change in the number of applications it received for 2008 entry. Leicester University had the fourth best performance from amongst 57 pre-92 traditional universities and 17th overall according to figures released by UCAS.

Leicester was the leading university in the Midlands - ahead of Oxford, Warwick, Birmingham and Nottingham. Leicester received 15,659 applications, a drop of just 0.5% on the previous year and a real terms increase of 15% when technical changes at UCAS are accounted for (for 2008 entry, the maximum number of course choices that an applicant can make has changed from six to five).

The latest figures from UCAS show a continued rise in the number of university applicants. As of 15 January, the date by which applicants should apply to be given equal consideration, there were 430,489 people applying for a full-time undergraduate course at UK universities and colleges - a rise of 8.9% or 35,182. The top five subject choices remain the same at this point in the year as last year with some small changes in order. Law by area remains top, pre-clinical medicine climbs from third to second, psychology falls to third and English studies and management studies swap places and are now fourth and fifth respectively.

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