Thursday, February 07, 2008

Silobreaker - News 3.0

In the past 24 hours, two smart people whose blogs I read have linked to Silobreaker and written about it in very positive terms. (If you're a smart person who's written about Silobreaker in the last 24 hours, it could be you :-)
Silobreaker is a search engine for news and current events that aims to deliver "contextual insight" into the news stories of the day. If you're as cynical as me, you tend to take marketing BS like that with a pinch of salt, but actually, it seems to work. Try it:


By lots of predictive behavior and by linking together different media in the same set of search search, Silobreaker actually does represent something of the context behind the news. Lots of lovely user-configurable RSS feeds too, although these don't include the fancy network and trends widgets.

Now, I'm not saying it's a Googlebreaker (I told a student this morning they'd broken Google and they'd have to pay for it - ooh, I'm wicked), but Google is going to have to pull it's socks up to fend off the Web 3.0 competition.

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