Monday, February 11, 2008

Speedlinking 110208 logo Ecto - Another walled garden
Why not teach students to build a PLE which will benefit them in the real world and sustain lifelong learning? Naughty Ecto!

How to integrate VLEs/LMSs with other student-facing systems

Bad, bad, bad. Poorly disguised branding (shades of OpenLearn?). Trust your students and set them free. Naughty OU!

Classroom2.0: Twitter, delicious and participatory learning
Best educational use of Twitter I've seen yet. I want to try this.

DIY video
What is DIY video? Why is it important to study? What method do we use? What do we want to know?

Visualizing Social Media
Using Mind Manager flow charting software to create a diagram detailing how information flows through the social networking and media sites - mapping a PLE.

Higher Education Academy lacks credibility
The HEA, which costs 24 million a year to fund, is not yet widely perceived as adding "significant value" to the sector.

Russell group universities crap at teaching
Research-intensive universities have presided over a decline in the quality of undergraduate teaching as they neglect students in the pursuit of research excellence - says the VC of one of the biggest.

HEA's web portal "clumsy, unwieldy and not fit for purpose"
A new web portal (rather 1990's no?) for the UK Higher Education Academy's 24 subject centres has been branded a "mammoth waste of money". Too right. What is HEA for?

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