Sunday, February 17, 2008

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"I’ve given up on attempting to explain Twitter. If you’re someone who wants to understand something by reading about it instead of using it, then you’ll probably never understand it."

Just Breathe: Email Apnea
In. Out. In. Out...

The Linux anti-virus question
"Does it come with anti-virus?" That stumped the salesman. "Linux," he said, "It has Linux anti-virus."

Microsoft website aimed at teaching kids about intellectual property in the hopes of discouraging future generations from illegally downloading and using copyrighted music, movies, and images.

New Models of Scholarly Communication
We are no longer anticipating change; we are in the midst of it.
Journal of Electronic Publishing, Winter 2008.

Open Access in 2007
The volume of new open access activity in 2007 is impressive.

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