Friday, March 14, 2008

Aggregation, aggregation, aggregation

This week's word of the week, awarded weekly on a week by week basis is:

Aggregation - the only way we can survive information overload from the diverse range of sites and services we flit between:

FriendFeed: keep up-to-date on the blogs, bookmarks, tweets, photos, videos and music that your contacts are sharing.

coComment: keep track of all the comments and discussions you are participating in or observing across the web.

SecondBrain: a content manager that helps you collect, organize, search and share content from multiple online services in a single library.

And the winner is:

A tie between FriendFeed (best interface - less is more) and coComment (best functionality).


  1. The "My World" functionality in Flock is also shaping up to be an interesting aggregation feature, a different approach as it is provided as part of your browser rather than an internet site. You can get any information that provides an RSS feed to appear on this page which is very handy for services like coComment.

  2. There's something about Flock My World which irritates me, but I don't know what it is... I agree that it is getting better (if you like that sort of thing :-) Personally, I'm increasingly preferring to have all my services online rather than in local software clients.