Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Cost of Excellence

Times Higher ...teaching is seriously under-resourced. The Higher Education Funding Council for England teaching grant comes nowhere near reflecting the full economic costs, and under this incentive structure the major political risk is not that higher education institutions will turn their back on the widening participation agenda, but that their future expansion plans simply will not include UK undergraduates. High-quality overseas students continue to be drawn to the UK, outside the Hefce quota and contributing towards the full economic costs of their education. European Union students from 26 other nations compete for admission on equal terms with UK applicants.

Seems like someone's been reading my byline!

Richard Taylor, the director of marketing and communications at the University of Leicester, fears that the higher education sector may have fallen into playing "logo wars" with their identity, a continual game of one-upmanship. Changing a logo will not change the institution itself, although this is the trap that Taylor fears staff fall into when engaging in sparring matches over image. "If you focus on a logo, you might back yourself into a corner. Academics can be quite sceptical people and sometimes, if they perceive that marketing is just about logos, they're unwilling to engage in that wider debate."


Seems like we may have taught Richard something ;-)

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