Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The network is alive

Please see update.

ToDo List:
  • Better logo - anyone artistic?
  • Better feed aggregation?
  • What else?


  1. Wonderful!
    I can get a logo for us (my friend is a graphic designer and I get her to do wee bits and bobs for me) - I'm a flock user so I'm going to fiddle around with things tonight!

    - Jay Jay

  2. I was bored (Read: avoiding work..)

    I made some website button (circa 1999 pixel art)

    They are here...

    If you want a custom one, I can make you one if you give me the hex code...

    - Jay Jay

  3. Cool, but we need rounded corners! ;-)
    And I suppose we should decide on a single colour.

  4. Are there official University colours? I like the buttons, retro doesn't date in a short time. The only negative comment I have is that we shouldn't have teal. I'm colour blind so I don't know exactly what teal is. Duck coloured?

  5. Yes, there are official colours, and Marketing will tell you are great length what they are, what size they need to be, where they have to be on the page, what needs to come on the page before and the page after, etc, etc, etc.
    No, not bitter at all!
    Let's just pick our favourite. I vote:
    1. Orange
    2. Yellow
    3. Red

    I guess it implies a static page to link to? If we're going to link to the feed, we should warn peole with an RSS logo?

  6. I'll make two buttons - one as a badge, and one as a rss feed display -

    I personally like the yellow one! It's a .psd file so it is easily changed..

    - Jay Jay


    Yay, nay?

    - Jay Jay

  8. Perfick! Thanks for doing that.