Friday, March 14, 2008

UoL Blog Network update

The University of Leicester blog network is a grassroots organization not officially affiliated to the University which seeks to allow UoL bloggers to communicate with each other. If you're a blogger at the University of Leicester, add the logo to your blog:

UoL Blog Network

Logo code:

<a href="" target="window"><img
src="" alt="UoL
Blog Network" border="0" height="45" width="110" /></a>

RSS Feed: We have a Yahoo Pipe as a temporary feed:

So sign up for the UoL Blogger Network feed, which currently stands at:
I'd also encourage all UoL bloggers to sign up to coComment - this will enable us to interact more by tracking and sharing conversations across multiple sites. The extension works with Firefox and Flock, but the bookmarklet is handy for UoL open access computers or where you don't have administrator privileges to install the extension.

ToDo List:
  • Recruits!
  • Better RSS aggregation?

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