Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Completely obsessed

Tweetcloud In 1988 I bought my first video recorder. I soon discovered that you could fast forward through the adverts, something I had not considered before I owned one. In meetings at work, my thumb used to get tired pressing the non-existent fast forward button to get through the boring speaker to the interesting bit.

Like a lot of people, I didn't get Twitter in 2007, and it wasn't until it was amplified through SXSW2008 that I got the point. Through Twitter, I have come to understand that knowledge is a river from which I can take a drink, not a reservoir in which I might drown. How do we pass this experience on to students, and avoid the mess which happens when they try to drink from the firehose of knowledge?

Am I completely obsessed with Twitter? Probably. Should I get out more?

Twitterholics, for those obsessed with Twitter, and finally:

How to make a personal todo list on Twitter:
Courtesy of the Hirstmeister, Lord High PooBah of Mashupistan:
Hashtag your todo items on Twitter (#todo), then:
Stick a link to the url in your browser bookmark bar, et voilĂ !

And that's it, no more Twitter posts this week - honest.


  1. [missed a bit in the original post -shoiuld have previewed!]

    If you try to subscribe the rss feed from that page, the url is broken...

    it should be this:

    I'm not actually convinced the hash sign is being searched on, so you could always run it through a pipe to add another level of filtering (exercise left for the reader;-)

    Also - I don't know how far back in time tweetscan indexes/will return tweets - but then, if something was to do that long again and you haven't done it yet, does it matter?! ;-)

  2. Thanks Tony. You're right, the hash sign is ignored.
    And the idea of self-clearing todo lists is genius :-)

  3. I'm still not into twitter in a big way, but this week I caught a tweet from Sue Waters which led me to an OpenPD session on blogging which was great fun. So, I'm starting to see the point of twitter now.