Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ePortfolios - getting down to the nitty gritty

As part of our project on Personal Learning Environments and Personal Development Planning students will be constructing an ePortfolio (that's the PDP bit). We are currently evaluating a range of ePortfolio solutions, including some off-the-shelf commercial products. The only decision made so far is that students need to have access to their portfolio after they graduate, which rules out the use of Blackboard (since the University will not undertake to provide lifelong access to Blackboard for all students). Although no decisions have been made yet, since this approach to PDP will evolve out of the construction of a PLE, a Web2.0 solution seems to be the front runner at present.

At a meeting this morning, we discussed some of the design criteria which we intend to apply. We started off with a quadrant design based on academic/non-academic and quantitative/qualitative content, but after some discussion (of the relative geometric merits of quadrants, spirals, cones and bezels), arrived at a design which looks something like (at least in the first iteration):
ePortfolio diagram

Wow! Learning design! GrĂ¡inne's going to be pleased (or cross?) with me :-)
Now to build something...

Bits I forgot earlier:
We had a longish discussion on the problems posed by the fact that much of the communication students receive is paper-based, and the paper is going to stay in our system for the foreseeable future.
The other thing I forgot to say is that comments are, of course, welcome!


  1. nice model, could use some colour :-) and three dimensions and perhaps some movement....

    no really, looks good :-)

  2. Tried using Gliffy. Failed.

  3. I think its great! Hurrah another convert to "the ways of Learning Design" ;-)