Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm "at" the JISC08 conference


JISC Conference 2008: Enabling innovation
Twitter hashtag #jisc08

Update: JISC08, the remote participant
This was the first conference I have attended remotely (unattended?) where Twitter was my primary communication channel. Without the alerts this morning from people I follow on Twitter, I would not have participated in this meeting. Much credit must go to Matt Jukes for his efforts to make this possible. David Puttnam was particularly good value. I could have done without the extended advert for Wikia.
In terms of presentation, the meeting fell short of ALT-C 2007, but not far - and without anything to download and install, which is a deal-breaker for many possible participants. The Ustream video and Twitter hashtag provided good communication, especially the back channel of exchanging tweets with other remote participants.
The problems were the lack of speakers slides and planning failure before the meeting (confusion over two hashtags and no Q&A streamed for the first keynote). It would also be nice for the chair to take at least a few questions from the remote participants.
And we're still learning how to do this remote participation thing. JISC08 - not a bad effort, but I'm looking forward to JISC09.


  1. thanks for all the feedback yesterday during the event it was really helpful - next time we do this we will have someone to track Twitter (or whatever backchannel is in vogue!) and ask questions in the sessions - it was a big d'oh moment for those of us involved and we won't miss the opportunity again. As for the slides - thats just something we'll have to work harder on next time to get them in advance and available to remote delegates somehow.
    The tag confusion was my fault - the jiscconference08 tag was agreed before Christmas but the rise of Twitter meant the need for a smaller tag - thus #jisc08 - not great but again won't make the same mistake again. Thanks again.

  2. It was a learning experience for all of us, myself included. I enjoyed it and was happy to be able to contribute.

  3. oops - not sure where Google got that ID for me from - is Matt Jukes (jukesie) commenting above not Sara or Al in Ethiopia!

  4. I figured it was, but thought it best not to ask ;-)