Friday, April 04, 2008

Liveblogging the UoL Assessment and Feedback Event - Summary

twittersearch Yesterday, I wrote about liveblogging the University of Leicester Seminar on Marking, Remarking and Meaningful Learning: An Assessment and Feedback today. Here are my initial thoughts not on the seminar itself, but on the capture process.

This was my first proper experience at liveblogging any event, and it showed. I set up a hashtag (mrml) for the event a few hours before, and if I'd had the sense, I would have recruited more of my fellow attendees into the blogging team before we started, rather than sending emails during the first session and running around in the first coffee break (I'll know better next time). Thanks to those who contributed.

There were a few problems with the use of a hashtag, which some of the contributors were not familiar with, but between and twittersearch, I managed to capture most of the contributions (click on the links to see the output).

Before the kickoff, Andy Powell asked me why I wasn't planning on using CoveritLive. I replied that I was planning on using my iPod Touch and that I was interested in the value of twitter itself for this use. In the event, was very happy with the decision to use twitter and a hashtag. CoveritLive failed for Brian Kelly at a conference in Oxford today, so he had to resort to using Twitter (at least until his eeePC battery ran out ;-). The iPod Touch proved to be the ideal liveblogging device for Twitter, not as obtrusive or distracting as a laptop either for the blogger or for people around them, even during the Cafe to Go sessions. Other contributers used mobile SMS to interface with Twitter, and I'll have no hesitation using this approach to live blogging again.

The discipline of Twitter enforces a zen-like reflective quality on liveblogging, something I found very valuable to inhibit the Tourette's-like tendency I had to broadcast exactly what I thought about all of the speakers. Overall, my first liveblogging experience was more valuable that I thought it would be, and it's certainly something I intend to repeat, possibly with a bit more forward planning next time.

I hope others who were at the session will leave their comments below.


  1. I wasn't at the session but I did appreciate reading the twitterings.

  2. I have posted a summary of the day and some personal reflections over at