Thursday, April 03, 2008

Marking, Remarking and Meaningful Learning

University of Leicester Tomorrow, I'll be at:

Marking, Remarking and Meaningful Learning: An Assessment and Feedback Seminar
Friday 4 April 2008, University of Leicester

and trying to liveblog the event on my Twitter stream, using hashtag #mrml


9.50 Welcome: Christine Fyfe, PVC Students.

10.00 How the baby got to eat the Smartie: Dr Jon Scott, Chair of the University of Leicester Assessment Working Group and Director of Studies, School of Biological Sciences.

10.15 The Leicester Student View of Feedback and Assessment – A film produced by Leicester University Student Television: Introduced by Aaron Porter, Academic Affairs Officer, Students Union.

10.35 Assessment and Feedback – the student perspective: Aaron Porter.

11.00 Assessment for Learning: why did I get 37%: Professor Brenda Smith, Associate Director, Higher Education Academy.

11.30 Coffee

11.50 – 13.00 Café to Go – Assessment Matters

1.00 – 1.40 Lunch

1.40 – 2.10 Café to Go

2.10 How we can get better feedback to more students in less time: Professor Phil Race, Independent Higher Education Training Consultant.

2.40 Summary: Dr Ross Parry, Museum Studies, UoL

3.10 – Close

Developed on behalf of the UoL Student Experience Enhancement Committee.


  1. I was meant to be in that "student experience" video. Ended up clashing with something else - probably best I didn't. I have a ranting habit and I fear I may have ranted about SPSS.

    How can I add my new blog into the UoL network? Also, how can I get a aggregated stream for the sidebar?

    - Jay Jay

  2. Nothing wrong with ranting :-)
    We still need to arrange that f2f coffee session where we can chat about our aggregation strategy.

  3. Until the scholarship decision has been made, I am going to pretend I don't have any strong opinions about being the only home student in my class and how much of an isolating experience that can be. ;-)

    I'm back in town so I am free pretty much, whenever. Now I have a nice clean (shiny) blog with the ability to plug-in and adapt to my liking, I am up for getting aggregated as soon as possible.