Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oops, I've broken the internet

Unable to connect In the last couple of days, two services which I've come to rely on have started to play up. One is Twhirl, the Twitter client built on Adobe Air, which was shaping up to be really useful (especially for handling multiple online identities), which seemed to break after the 0.7.5 update.
News: Thwirl just started working again, no obvious reason why, some server-side issue I guess.

The other is CoComment, which was broken by the Flock 1.1.1 update (still works with Firefox, but I use Flock as my main browser).

In neither case did I get any response to my support requests. Which is fine, except that if I outsource teaching resources to external web 2.0 sites, who will get the complaints from students when those services fall over? Niall Sclater took the opportunity recently to remind us of the dangers of selling your soul to Google. But until universities start providing us with services such as CoComment or Thwirl, what choice do I have?

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