Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Plagarism meeting live blog roundup

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University of Leicester
Tuesday 8th April 2008

We live blogged this event on Twitter using hashtag #uolplag. Here are my reflections not on the day itself, but on the liveblogging process:

I found the experience less rewarding than the session we liveblogged last week. There were only two active contributors to the hashtag stream, others either speaking at the meeting or finding it difficult to get involved via SMS, so there was less diversity of viewpoints, and no real discussion online, just some knockabout humour.

Note: Successful liveblogging requires sufficient contributors representing a diversity of views.


  1. I agree Alan - texting messages in was a bit hopeless. My position on the front row meant I felt it would be rude to text whilst people were speaking. Not being able to view the tweets meant I was not part of the discussion. I did manage to speak to people face to face though!

  2. F2f is good. F2f + twitter is better :-)