Monday, April 07, 2008

Preventing and Designing out Plagiarism

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Preventing and Designing out Plagiarism

University of Leicester
Tuesday 8th April 2008

Bookings for this event have now closed, but we will be live blogging the event on Twitter using hashtag #uolplag. If you're interested in participating, you need to follow hashtags on Twitter. This won't add anything to your feed, but will signal to follow you and allow your hashed tweets to be indexed and added to the event stream.

Plagiarism is a major issue for all those involved in teaching and learning in Higher Education. This one day event will focus on ways to prevent plagiarism and designing assessments to minimise the risk of plagiarism. There will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to discuss effective practice and share ideas, as well as interactive session and talks from people who have worked extensively in this area.


10.20 Welcome and Introduction.

10.30 Keynote. Fiona Duggan, Academy JISC Academic Integrity Service.

11.00 Electronic detection of plagiarism, Jo Badge, University of Leicester.

11.40 Teaching students what plagiarism is to prevent it. Maureen Dawson and Joyce Overfield, Manchester Metropolitan University.

12.05 Improving scientific literacy to prevent plagiarism. Dorothy Aidulis, University of Glasgow.

13.25 Using course and task design to deter students from plagiarism. Jude Carroll, Deputy Director Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange (ASKe) CETL.

14.40 Swapshop: An opportunity for you to share your thoughts and start a discussion around aspects of plagiarism:
  • Jon Scott, University of Leicester: Policy evolution and the elusive grail of consistency
  • Vivien Rolfe, De Montfort University: Using Turnitin for essay drafts and final submissions
  • Stuart Johnson, University of Leicester: Subject-specific online tutorials to help students understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it
16.00 Reflections on the day and close.