Friday, April 18, 2008

Yet another Twitter analogy

Wine The Twitter paradox is that the concept is so simple, and yet it is so difficult to explain the value of the site to someone who has not immersed themself in it. So I find myself collecting analogies for those evangelical conversations I keep having. And I've just thought of another one:

Twitter is like a reception at a conference. You're standing around with a glass of wine in your hand talking to a group of people. Some of them you know well (maybe you work with them). Some of them you know through their work (or interests), but you've never met before. And there's a few others who you don't have any idea about. The conversation is free flowing (you're on your second glass of wine), and covers work, social topics, gossip, and the occasional random remark thrown in. There's a lot of background noise from other conversations. And this is why we go to conferences. Not for the presentations, which we can read when the conference book is published. We go for the craic that happens in the hallways.

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  1. Think this is my fave Twitter analogy yet - certainly the closest to how I use/experience Twitter..