Thursday, April 17, 2008


A "head to head" comparison of and YouTube QuickCapture:

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Talking heads - just say no!


  1. nice bit on the end while you turn off... :-)
    I agree, I can't see us using live capture for much. Didn't comment on ustream - it never loaded in time before i got bored and wondered off..

  2. disagree with Jo - when we had a long pause after you'd left the screen I was expecting one of those witty "after the credits" scenes or the video equivalent of a hidden track on a CD (which was much in vogue a little while ago) - now I feel cheated, with absolutley no justification except user anticipation generated by (false) reference to other genre

  3. Nope, it's just that the Flash controls on YouTube QuickCapture are ... sluggish.
    I guess the lesson of the last two days is that it is now very easy for anyone to put video online - but only talking head, and what's the point of that?