Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cheats Charter?



  1. Emily @ GradeGuruMay 16, 2008 10:03 am

    We detect a hint of cynicism in the title of this blog! Well, cynicism is usually a healthy thing. GradeGuru is a McGraw-Hill Education start-up. McGraw-hill is one of the world’s largest educational publishers. We are 100% against cheating of course. We understand that questions might be raised – is this another one of those essay-mill sites? Pay to get your coursework done for you? Absolutely not! In fact we have plans to tackle the plagiarism issue head on: we are working with a plagiarism detection service and are soon to release free materials on our site to help students ensure they use appropriate referencing in their academic work and understand where the boundary lies between collaboration and cheating – we don’t want to be patronizing, but better safe than sorry! If you have other suggestions, please do let us know – all constructive criticism welcome. We do believe students have the capacity to help each other and collectively improve learning outcomes. We expect GradeGuru to help facilitate that process, but we need to tread carefully and get it right.

  2. see comments on another SOTI post about plagiarism 14 August 2007