Thursday, May 01, 2008

HEA Centre for Bioscience e-Learning Reference Group

logo The HEA Centre for Bioscience maintains a list of academics interested in the application and development of e-learning in the Biosciences.
The initial purpose for this reference group was to enable community comment on specific matters or issues. We would like to build upon this list to improve communication in the biosciences without forming yet another email list. Our new self subscribing list offers the opportunity for links to alternative mechanisms for displaying members interests and activities. It should include at least one member from each department who communicates or represents e-learning matters with their local colleagues. It may even be the Bioscience Representative already in place. However, with the e-learning reference group we would like to present the members by their web page and, where possible, their blog page so that they might find and follow others with similar interests. Many academics in other disciplines are beginning to take advantage of blogs and use it as an efficient and effective medium to report their academic activities. Cross linking these should be fruitful for the e-learning community especially. Most blogs will offer RSS feeds to alert interested parties to new content without having to generate more email.

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