Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leicester Social Media Smartmob Followup

Nothing happened Yesterday, we used Seesmic to organize a smartmob to talk about social media. It was a huge success and the UoL campus was jammed to bursting point(ish). We eyeballed each other and confirmed that no-one is using a ringer to record their seesmic videos, consumed some beverages and chatted for a while.

Then we got round to talking about how we're going to promote social media usage locally. And I think we're all agreed (?) locally is one of the key words here, the other one being grassroots.

We could just tag everything FAO the local network using a specific cross-site tag (leicnet?), and then simply aggregate the tag feed from all the different sites (although we didn't decide on how to do this - Friendfeed? Tumblr? The snag with this is that any spammer could use the tag to drop nasties into the feed, which could potentially be very bad PR with colleagues we are trying to influence.

The alternative is to create an account on one of the above services (group or shared details) and aggregate "approved" feeds. This has the advantage that we can add contributors who may not feel or know they would be "elligible" for the network, but the downside is that it would be closed network that people would have to "apply" to join, and it creates admin for someone to do.

So on balance, I think I'm in favour of the open approach, and we'll just deal with the spammers when they arrive (we need some way to moderate the aggregator).

So which aggregator shall we use? All of them?


  1. Will probably respond on my blog when I have stopped feeling like death.

    I reckon we should try them all - see them as test runs. I don't really see the problem of having admin type people (at the moment) due to the nature of it - but it will need to get to the point that it is self facilitating.

    Anyway, nice to finally meet you. I will probably need to speak to you about this project at another date. :-)

    - Jay Jay

  2. I think the same goes for me as well. I think just keeping this an active discussion is enough right now as too many rules too soon would likely spoil the project.

    I'm going to be having a little look around myself at infrastructures suitable for the work.