Thursday, May 01, 2008

We're Happy Bunnies

according to The Guardian:

Leicester students certainly appear to be happy bunnies: it came joint top for teaching quality and overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey two years in a row and the drop-out rate is notably low. The appeal might lie in the friendly and compact campus - a 10-minute walk from one end to the other, providing you don't get sidetracked by any of the on-campus facilities. Victoria Park next door is a convenient and popular place to relax when the weather is good. As well as that, Leicester puts up a consistently strong academic performance across all its subject areas. It's understandably proud of its most famous research achievement: the development of DNA genetic fingerprinting. Add on Leicester, a lively, multicultural city with great facilities and transport links, and it's no wonder everyone is so pleased to be there.

And if you're interested in biology:

The Guardian

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