Friday, June 13, 2008

Do we need a Policy for social networks?

This story on the BBC website that teachers should not involve themselves with social networking sites sparked the following exchange:

cjrw: I have a policy of only accepting Friend requests from former not current students on Fb and never initiate requests.
ajcann: Beeb was referring to school teachers, but I don't accept many FB friend requests these days as I don't go there.

Which led on to a discussion of whether we (we being either UoL or the School of Biological Sciences) should have a formal Policy (proper noun) about social networking sites.

So do we? Do you have one in your organization? And if you do, is it a help or a hindrance?

Update: Jo reminded me that the UoL internet code (2005) says:
  • During busy periods don't “surf” the Internet for recreational purposes.
  • During busy periods use email only for work-related activities: leave social emails for a less busy time.
Hmm - time for an update?

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