Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm getting close to abandoning Flock

Flock I've always liked both the feel and the functionality of Flock, the social network-aware web browser, but it just seems to be getting slower and slower, especially compared to the latest versions of Safari and Firefox - so much so that I'm close to abandoning it.

I've dumped as many social sites as possible from Flock, which raises the question - why bother with Flock now? This problem is not just on one machine but several. It seems to be related to the response time of the Flock website - does Flock call home? (And if it does, can it be stopped - Tony? Liam?)

If I abandon Flock, what do I do? Am I locked into the Mozilla extensions poisoned garden? I don't think so, but my personal online identities management strategies has always relied on the look and feel of different browsers so that I instinctively know where I am online (and make less embarrassing mistakes). So I suppose I could run two (or more) FF3's with different themes - is this possible?

I'm open to suggestions.

Update: And the winner is: Liam Green-Hughes, who quoth thusly:

How do I disable collection of anonymous usage metrics?

If you don't wish to participate in Flock's anonymous collection of metrics, you can opt out during the installation process on Windows. You can also disable metrics reporting in Flock at any time by completing the steps below. Warning: the Flock configuration window contains numerous settings which, if incorrectly changed, may render Flock inoperable. Please follow these instructions exactly as indicated to avoid this risk.

1. In your browser's urlbar, type "about:config" and press return.
2. In the "Filter" textfield, type "flock.metrics.enabled"
3. If no results appear in the result pane below:
1. Context-click (right-click) to produce a context menu
2. Select "New" and then "Boolean" from the resulting menu.
3. When prompted, provide "flock.metrics.enabled" as the preference name
4. Select "false" for the preference value.
5. If a value does appear in the result pane below, verify that it is
set to "false" or context-click (right-click) and select "Toggle" to
toggle it to false.

4. Restart Flock.