Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PedR bad boys (and girls)

  • The focus on pedagogic research within CETLs has highlighted the uneasy relationship between three dimensions of University practice:
  • active research within a discipline or cluster of disciplines (traditional research-based practice)
  • how that research-based knowledge is reproduced through teaching and learning programmes (teaching and learning practices embedded in courses)
  • the pedagogic knowledge (produced through research or experientially) which may or may not have a disciplinary boundary.
  • Pedagogic research has an uncertain status in some quarters with its legitimacy and the legitimate position of its proponents, being questioned. The main critique is that separating out pedagogic research within a discipline from its disciplinary research base is unsound, i.e. the emergence of academic teachers who teach within a discipline and have pedagogic expertise, but are not active researchers within the discipline, is antithetical to the core purpose of HE.