Friday, June 13, 2008

Small Worlds Team Meeting 13.06.08

Small world networks At our Small Worlds Project meeting this morning, we discussed:

How to implement the program across the campus: It was decided that Kevin will liaise with Mike Warrington re. Engineering and AJC will liaise with Pete Meacock re. Medicine & Biological Sciences.

Reassessment of application priorities: Our original application suggested tool priorities as:

1. RSS, 2. Social bookmarking, 3. Laboratory wikis, 4. Online Document sharing, 5. Microblogging (Twitter)

After discussion we reorganized the priority list as:

1. RSS, 2. Social bookmarking, 3. Microblogging (Twitter), 4. Online Document sharing, 5. Laboratory wikis

Twitter was promoted in recognition of it's role as eduglu in this project. We spent some time discussing the role of Twitter, and came up with a pyramid diagram to explain time spent online:

The Twitter Pyramid

Participation in induction week: Based on feedback from previous years, we decided that it was important to kick start the project for new post graduate students by participation in induction week. Based on his previous experience, Kevin will develop an exercise to introduce participants to Twitter. This will start with a face-to-face simulation of online activity then move online to reproduce the f2f interaction. This will be rolled out in induction week, followed by further f2f sessions later in the taught program.

Involvement of post-doctoral staff: After discussion, we decided that the best way was to recruit new post-docs through departments, then to rely on cascading of social networks.

Evaluation strategy: Because of the distributed nature of the project, meaningful quantitative analysis would be meaningless, so we will rely on qualitative analysis through questionnaires and network visualization tools.

Link from Pete Meacock: Graduate Junction website Graduate Junction is a brand new site which aims to give research students an easy way of making contact with others who share their research interests no matter which department, institution or country they work in.

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