Thursday, June 05, 2008

Won't get fooled again?

A few reflections on the CRA Web 2.0 & PDP session in Bradford yesterday.

Matt did a great job of presenting our PLE/PDP project, made me proud to be batting for Team Edupunk against the forces of Pebbly darkness.

WetPaint was the hit of the day, Twitter met with the usual bemused reception.

Most of the delegates could talk the talk but had not walked the walk. It was frustrating to hear people giving damning staff and student views of Blackboard, then immediately say "And we've just signed up for five years with PebblePad". PebblePad is looking like Blackboard all over again.

When I got home, I treated myself to the video version of the edupunk anthem by Grandmaster Mash. It echoed with the response that we got yesterday when we showed people how to pull disseminated content into a loosely-coupled ePortfolio using widgets and RSS feeds, so here it is:

And me? After the traumatic incident on Tuesday, my therapist says there's still a chance I could resume a normal life if I keep up the medication. Right now, I'd settle for no more nightmares.

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