Friday, August 22, 2008

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education

It's a big job Chris Brogan has a nice post on 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. If you swap "Education" for "Business", it's still pretty relevant. Chris lists his 50 tips under five headings:

First Steps:
  • Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space.
  • Add a picture. We want to see you.
  • Don’t get stuck in the apology loop. Be helpful instead.
Ideas About WHAT to Tweet:
  • Ask questions. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions.
Some Sanity For You:
  • You don’t have to read every tweet.
  • You don’t have to reply to every @ tweet directed to you.
  • Commenting on others’ tweets, and retweeting what others have posted is a great way to build community.
The Negatives People Will Throw At You:
  • Twitter takes up time.
  • Twitter takes you away from other productive work.
Some Positives to Throw Back:
  • Twitter can help direct people’s attention to good things.
  • Twitter at events helps people build an instant “backchannel.”