Thursday, August 14, 2008


DIUS While I was away, the Stakeholder Community Manager from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) sent me an email about the "H.E. debate" initiated by John Denham, Secretary of State with responsibility for universities. The specific themes DIUS is seeking input on are:
  • Part-time studies in Higher Education
  • Demographic challenge facing Higher Education
  • Teaching and student experience
  • International issues in higher education
  • Intellectual property and research benefits
  • Academia and public policy making
  • Research careers
  • Understanding institutional performance
  • Higher Education in General
To solicit input, JISC Involve is hosting a site which DIUS hope interested individuals will use to post their views and comments, so if you'd like to have your say on the future of UK HE, you know where to go.

One problem I can see is that the "blog" has been set up as more of a forum, fronted by static pages corresponding to the above topics to which readers can append their comments. There doesn't seem to be any obvious commitment (at least at this stage) for DIUS to provide any further input, so maybe they're hoping readers will fight it out amongst themselves. If they do, the site navigation is going to get pretty confusing.