Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Reader: Help Wanted

Google Reader I'm in the closing stages of writing the PLE course for our first year Biological Sciences students, but I'm still having a little trouble with Google Reader. What I'd like to do is have students tag and share items from RSS feeds they have subscribed to. The problem is how to efficiently assess this task for a large number of students (nearly 200).

Google Reader shared pages have complex URLs such as, c.f. delicious URLs, which are predictable if the account username is known, e.g. We can collect the shared page URLs manually, but this is laborious for this number of students. Moreover, we would like to emphasize the social and sharing aspects of Google Reader, e.g. pooled tags relevant to all students on a particular course, but so far, I haven't found a way of doing this.

Can anyone help me out of my unfamiliarity with Google Reader?

BTW, the syllabus for this course (I.T. and Numeracy Skills for Biologists) is:

Session 1 (2/10/2008): Introduction
Session 2 (6/10/2008): Email
Session 3 (9/10/2008): Scientific Literature
Sessions 4 & 5 (13/10/2008): RSS
Session 6 (20/10/2008): Manipulating Numbers
Session 7 (23/10/2008): Social Bookmarking
Sessions 8 & 9 (27/10/2008): Office Suites
Sessions 10 (3/11/2008): Units & Conversions
Sessions 11 & 12 (6/11/2008): Presentations & Posters
Sessions 13 (13/11/2008): Molarities & Dilutions
Sessions 14 & 15 (17/11/2008): Images
Session 16 (24/11/2008): Areas & Volumes
Session 17 (27/11/2008): Your PLE
Session 18 (1/12/2008): Exponents & Logs
Session 19 (4/12/2008): ePortfolios