Tuesday, August 26, 2008


WE magazine WE magazine, a free online quarterly aiming to address "cutting edge" topics on the internet, just launched. I was interested in the Ten Futures article by Stephen Downes:

The Pragmatic Web
Forget about the Semantic Web. Whether or not it ever gets built, you can be sure that we will be complaining about it. Because while the Semantic Web gives us meaning, it doesn’t give us context. It will give us what we can get from an encyclopedia, but not what we can get from phoning up our best buddy...

We will again in the future become a species of nomads, moving in tribes and herds through society, grazing on energy and information inputs as they become available ...
Consumer goods – ubiquitous today – will become expensive and impractical in the future. Owing a library of books, for example, will be a wealthy man’s folly – a lot like keeping a Spanish Galleon in the back yard to support your own personal trade link to China. We will have few possessions, and those mostly as keepsakes or mementos. "Rooted" people will be thought of in the future the way we think of "nomadic" people today – unable, for some social-cultural reason to mesh with the rest of society.

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