Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ePortfolios - your chance to tell me I'm doing it wrong

In the week our undergraduates launch their PLEs, my thoughts are turning to the following term, when we follow up with eportfolios. While to me it is critical that the students "own" their eportfolios rather than having too much structure imposed on them, when we discussed this originally, we decided that we would like their eportfolios to reflect the following structure:

ePortfolio diagram

My concern now is twofold. First, how well does the exemplar for our preferred solution (WetPaint) reflect what we would like to see? Note that WetPaint will only be a suggestion to the students, and they will be free to use whatever solution they wish as long as it meet the criteria we set.

And secondly, exactly what criteria should we give students for their eportfolios to achieve the desired outcomes?

Personally, I find the literature on eportfolios rather unhelpful, in part because much of it is technology-driven based on the capabilities of proprietary or closed software solutions. I'd welcome your suggestions as to how to advise students to achieve the best outcomes.