Friday, September 12, 2008

HEA Centre for Bioscience Representatives Forum

logo For the past couple of days I've been at the HEA Centre for Bioscience Representatives Forum. I described our undergraduate PLE project, which is part-funded by a Departmental Teaching Enhancement Grant from the Centre, talked a bit about Small Worlds, and whiffled about Twitter.
Other than that, it was good to catch up with old acquaintances and see quite a lot of new faces after "the night of the long knives". My favourite talk from the meeting was Katherine Linehan's presentation about using on-line resources to tailor teaching to an individual cohort. Other talks included:
  • Mentoring scientific minds through group research projects, Momna Hejmadi, University of Bath
  • Using a Problem-Based Learning Environment to Engage Students, Catherine Hack, (Aine McKillop and Jacqueline O'Connor,) University of Ulster
  • Life as a 1st year Bioscientist: Introducing the student experience project, Jon Scott, Paul Green, Geetha Narayanan & Annette Cashmore. School of Biological Sciences & GENIE CETL, University of Leicester
  • Developing essay writing skills in undergraduates, Nick Freestone, Kingston University
  • The Use of Motivational Interviewing in the Support of Underperforming Students, Chris Baldwin, Newcastle University
  • Involving students with science community projects, Kay Yeoman, University of East Anglia
  • 'Engaging' with Articulate products, John Heritage, University of Leeds
  • Research Days: connecting research with teaching, Alan Fielding, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • How undergraduate interns tackle staff development roles, Anne Tierney, University of Glasgow
Looking forward to the next one now. I hear the south of France is nice this time of year :-)