Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not a political animal

Politician Yesterday I took part in an online Elluminate seminar about Personal Learning Environments. The "speaker" was Scott Wilson from CETIS UK, who shared some thoughts about Personal Learning Environments (session recording here). It was a lively session, with lots of commentary from the 20-or so participants.

Although I enjoyed the experience and would like to take part again, I'm not sure what I wanted to get from this session, and in truth, most of the discussion confirmed my prejudices (which was nice). Except for one thread which arose from the discussion, which I suppose I was aware of, but had not though much about before.

We kicked off with "What is a PLE?" (not sure we completely answered that one), then moved onto the more interesting aspects of "Why is a PLE?". At that point it emerged that there was a loose consensus among most of the participants that PLEs are more about education and institutional politics than about learning. As a rather non-political animal, I'm still digesting that and pondering what I've got myself into...

Update: Yikes, Graham wants to start a revolution!