Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What do we want? When do we want it?

WordPress D'Arcy Norman ...wasn’t convinced that we needed a “campus blogging platform” here at UCalgary. I’d tried to set up one before, at , and watched it basically wither on the vine for 3 years. Little activity, except in small bursts when used in a class. Almost no individual involvement or ownership. Not interesting or relevant to anyone. I’d decided that a “campus blogging platform” was the wrong tack. Why not just send people to other services that provide the software, for free. Services like or or or etc. They all provide the functionality, hosting, and support, without any intervention by a “campus”. And then, in conversations with people whom I deeply respect, it was pointed out that there are, in fact, good reasons for having the publishing platform managed by the University.

What changed things? WordPress Multiuser, with DNS wildcarding so people can have their own blog subdomains such as

The result? Takeup, from a stealth project with no budget.

And what have we got? Plone. Not even Plone, but Plonk, the UoL crippled implementation of Plone.

It ain't gonna happen here people.