Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flickr and a work of genius

Yesterday I was playing around with various ways of adding a little more interest to the forthcoming images sessions in our undergraduate personal learning environments (PLE) course. These sessions are going to be based around the online photo management and sharing site Flickr. In the course of this doodling, I knocked up a quick Google custom search engine (CSE) I could embed in the notes for these sessions:

After playing with this for a while, I stopped thinking about the students, and starting thinking about how I could use this myself, in particular:
Tony was just going out, so he suggested that I look at the Google API. After half an hour of stirring the alphabet soup that is the API, I knew I wasn't going to go anywhere down that route, but it didn't take him long after he came home to come up with the solution.

In case you haven't twigged, the reason I awarded Tony a BA Genius (Hons) rather than merely a Geoff Hurst from the University of Personal Learning is because you can use this approach to get an RSS feed from any Google search.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

BTW, University of Leicester - waves at the UoL Press Office staff who learned how to use RSS feeds on Friday! ;-)