Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online identity

There's been a lot of it about this week.

On Monday, Steven Warburton launched the Rhizomes Identities project. I wasn't able to do Graham Attwell's Monday night Sounds of Bazaar, so I only picked up the link from Twitter, and at present I'm still slightly confused what Rhizomes is all about (and the Netvibes site isn't helping me that much), but maybe a kindly younger reader will explain it all to me...
(see this)

Also on Monday, our lunchtime session on Facebook and the Student Experience broke out into a lively Twitter discussion as Tris put it, temporarily knocking all but Obama and Google out of the top Twitter trends. A lot of newbies had their first Twitter experience during this session, and it was pretty challenging keeping up with what was going on in the room, participating in the Twitter stream and trying to help out the noobs struggling with Twitter.

As part of the latter, I found myself in a Twitter discussion about the importance of profie photos (or avatars) in building trust in an online identity, and shortly after that, stumbled across Turn Your Name Into a Face, which does exactly what it says on the tin:

Turn Your Name Into a Face