Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pear Shaped

Arse It's not been the best of days, what with a funding committee failing to grok our Twitter-based application (Resubmit? Why? If you don't understand the technology now, are you going to understand in in 6 weeks time?), Steve failing to come up with a tablet or a netbook, and wrestling with the latest up-cock in the brave new world of loosely-coupled PLEs.

Jo blogged about our problems with a Google Reader-based RSS assessment, the main one being how to deliver weekly feedback for 200 students. The Blackboard gradebook makes this as difficult as possible, but is also the wrong solution. I’m in favour of separating feedback from assessment (which we do in this assessment by delaying the marks until the end of term), but feedback needs to be located inline with the assessment tool - we already have lots of data showing that students will not visit an alternative destination (e.g. the Bb gradebook) and so will never see the feedback. This is a limitation of the Google Reader shared items architecture - there’s no way to add a comment to a shared item.

Eventually, after considering alternative solutions, we're falling back on email. I'm not proud of it, but it's not the worst thing to happen today. If we do resubmit "Where Are Leicester Learning Spaces", it's going back in as "Assessing and Recording the Student Experience".