Friday, November 21, 2008

Future of Creative Technologies #foct08

IOCT Yesterday I was at the Future of Creative Technologies Conference run by the IOCT at De Montfort University:
  • Introductory keynote by Andrew Hugill, IOCT, DMU.
  • Technology - Jerry Fishenden, National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK: Trends in internet and technologies.
  • Content - Professor Sue Thomas: Trends in digital content.
  • Design - Professor Martin Rieser: Trends in digital art and design.
Afternoon sessions:
  • Jim Hendler
  • Lev Manovich
  • Howard Rheingold
  • Open discussion with questions from the workshops and the floor
To be honest, it was bit variable, but overall very enjoyable and I think quite valuable. The best way to summarize the whole thing is to publish the:

Josie's Photos: