Monday, November 24, 2008

Google SearchWonki

Evi? Much flapping and tutting on the interwebs about Google's new SearchWiki feature. As usual, David Weinberger nailed it:
  • First, opting us in is obnoxious enough, but not giving us a way to opt out is unsupportable...
  • Second, the results page shows you the nicknames of other users who have voted the page up. So, now the whole world will see that “dweinberger” not only searched for “Angelina Jolie” but thumbs-upped the page of closeups of her tattoos? Guess who just changed his nickname to something less identifiable! This is a feature without value — the list of names isn’t clickable or complete or tell you how many people voted it up — unless you recognize someone’s nickname, in which case it has negative value.
Simple solution, log into:
Google: My Account: Web History
and turn History off. We already knew that Google is not to be trusted with this kind of data.

Move along, nothing new to see here.