Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On-line Innovation in Higher Education

Cooke report On-line Innovation in Higher Education, Professor Sir Ron Cooke, Chair of JISC Board, Submission to Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Edited highlights:

The use of Web 2.0 technologies is greatly improving the student learning experience and many HEIs are enhancing their teaching practices as a result. A large majority of young people use online tools and environments to support social interaction and their own learning represents an important context for thinking about new models of delivery.

The effective use of e-learning and pedagogic approaches differ for different sectors of higher education, for example: in research-led universities there is a need to link effectively research resources with learning and teaching.

In the UK most online material should be openly available to all, free of charge at the point of use. This will encourage re-use of materials by other teachers, make available high quality resources to students that they can have confidence in, and provide a valuable marketing tool to potential overseas students.

Encourage and support institutions to include the integration of their library, information and IT services in the development of their strategies for research and learning and teaching.