Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Second Life a Liability

Just Do It I started this post while listening to the live stream of the Sounds of the Bazaar special "Into the Dragons Den" and participating in the chatroom. Kudos to Graham and Cristina for another great innovative session, but I'm afraid the content left me cold (as did The Dragon That Didn't Bite). I've tried to see the practical educational value in Second Life, but for me, SL just doesn't cut it - the cost benefit ratio doesn't work. If I have to pay a pile of money to professional developers to build something, that's too high a barrier as far as I'm concerned. Reuters has got it right, and now it's time for education to follow.

This morning, I was struck again by the discussion at CETIS08 concerning the differences between audio, video and lectures. A speaker made the case that video and audio are 'text' whereas lectures are 'interactive'. I feel SL deserves the same downgrading as video in this regard - SL is not half as interactive as Twitter.

It's all about barriers and ownership. Just do it.