Monday, December 22, 2008

Custom QR Codes

Custom QR CodeCustom QR Code
QR codes have 30% redundancy to allow some leeway for poor image capture, etc. This means that you can edit machine-generated QR codes to introduce additional information. (Note that this reduces error correction from the code, so keep these for "fun" projects and use bog-standard QR codes for anything which is mission critical).

How can I make my own custom codes?
I made three QR codes of the information using generators from Qurify, the University of Bath QR code generator and the Nokia QR code generator. Note that although similar, they are not the same:
3 QR Codes

Compare the different codes. Some parts of a QR code are sacrosanct, so leave these alone:
Anatomy of a QR Codes

After that, it's a process of trial and error with Photoshop to introduce the additional information you want into the redundant areas.

Have fun!