Friday, December 05, 2008

Moderation in all things

JISC Emerge I recently joined the JISC Emerge site, "a consortium-based project ... primary aim to support the creation of a sustainable community of practice that will develop and exploit new emergent technologies (e.g. social software, pervasive computing) for use in educational settings".

On joining and looking around, the done thing seemed to be to shove your blog RSS feed into the site, and allow blog posts to be syndicated on the front page of the site. All was well for 48 hours, until I got a polite message asking if I was aware that "every now and then you nearly take over the Emerge home page", and suggesting that I might like to publish a bit less on the site.

Well, not wanting to upset the Jiscies, I was eager to comply! Except that it wasn't that easy. First, there's no way to be selective about posts within the site, and I sure as hell wasn't going to change my blogging for a site that I had only been a member of for 48 hours, so the only option seemed to be On of Off. Fortunately, George Roberts came to my aid and helped me with the mysteries of Elgg 0.9 (almost makes you glad to be a Blackboarder).

The trick was to create a JISC Emerge-specific tag feed from this site. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't make that particularly easy, so it took a little Google-mining to find the magic formula, which turns out to be:

Now the Jiscies can sleep tucked up in their cosy website, safe in the knowledge that I'll only be waking them up once a day. And if that still annoys the Jiscies, well, they'd better get blogging themselves, or cast me into the outer darkness ;-)

JISC Emerge is an, err, emerging community, but it badly needs a Help Section/FAQ as the navigation and users controls on the site are poor and undocumented - if no-one wants to write one, maybe they should pull an aggregated help posts from other sites (such as this one? :-)