Monday, December 08, 2008

This House (Blog) Believes That Twitter Groups Are Not Necessary


Speaking for the motion, Alan Cann:

Twitter groups are not necessary. The power of Twitter lies in filtering a personal network rather than in preformed groups which you do not have control over. Groups generate unnecessary noise, which is already the biggest problem with Twitter. The power to create temporary ad hoc groups (for conferences or events) already exists in Twitter via hashtags and the search function. Even if you want Twitter groups, Twitter is working on this "feature" as a top priority after stabilization, so it would be better to wait until the official implementation arrives rather than Balkanize the Twitter community with a plethora of Facebook-style groups. Twitter is not Facebook. Ladies and Gentlemen, please vote for this motion by leaving your comments below. Thank you.

And yes, I was Chair of the school debating team. Wanna make something of it? ;-)

Speaking against the motion, Steve Wheeler: