Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Tipping Point?

RNA Biology We are pleased to announce the RNA families track for RNA Biology. This track will provide a forum of short publications detailing the structure, function and sequence conservation for RNA families. We envisage two main types of publication in this track, these will consist of analyses of relatively unstudied RNA families or significant review style updates to relatively well studied families. There will be two extra requirements for publication in this track; Firstly the deposition of an alignment and secondary structure in Stockholm format and secondly the generation or update of a corresponding entry in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The first requirement will ensure a much needed archive of well curated sequence alignments and secondary structures for all researchers in the community. The second requirement is, as far as we are aware, a first for any scientific publication. The main reason we think this is a good idea is because a Wikipedia entry is usually among the top few hits from a Google search with a molecular biology keyword. Therefore, we would like to ensure that the RNA relevant information in Wikipedia is both reliable and current. We think that this track will provide an important mechanism by which time will be spent by experts to improve the record. In order to ensure this the Wikipedia update will be reviewed alongside the submitted article.