Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doom, Death and Destruction (or is it?)

ticTOCs RSS is broken (Is RSS dying?, Why RSS sucks).

And science education is broken (Government touts science for all, What makes this time different?). Not even David Attenborough, Bill Bryson, Hugh Fearnley-Chickenshed or The Chuckle Brothers can save us from this one.

The problem will not be fixed until we have a cadre of professional science educators who are focused on education rather than research (Science Faculty with Education Specialties. Science 2008 322: 1795-1796, Redefining Science Education. Science 2009 323: 437).

In the meantime, we have to press on with what we have. Fortunately, JISC’s new ticTOCs service has ridden over the horizon, so everything's OK now. By inserting yet another layer between actual content and the people who need to neurox it, ticTOCs will magically fix everything that's wrong with RSS and save the day.

Or will it? Maybe it will just prolong the decline of science in the West until the day we get serious about science education and spend some money.